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About maxxcount.de GmbH & Co. KG

Maxxcount.de GmbH & Co. KG has developed into one of the leading specialists in the area of vehicle multimedia integration. The Dresden-based company distributes professional car infotainment components worldwide via its customer-oriented online portal www.maxxcount.de and has been able to win a large number of high-profile national and international sales partners since its inception.

Who we are

maxxcount.de was founded in 2002 as a student startup. Thanks to innovative products and services, qualified customer advice and above-average customer service, the young company has successfully managed to grow profitably in recent years. In 2006, the company was renamed maxxcount.de GmbH & Co. KG.

maxxcount.de has been a reliable partner in the field of automotive multimedia integration for years. Key aspects of the product portfolio are CarKits for MP3 players and mobile navigation systems, DVD & TV components, innovative multimedia hands-free systems, Bluetooth® car kits as well as a comprehensive range of car installation accessories. maxxcount.de has also specialized in vehicle-specific adaptations for American, Scandinavian and Japanese vehicle brands, which maxxcount.de sells exclusively on the European market.

maxxcount.de supports specialist dealers, installation specialists, car dealers and wholesalers all over Europe, and has been supplying well-known dealers, for example, for many years. Cyberport, reichelt.de and many more. By combining a high-quality product range and the competence of our specialists, maxxcount.de now also serves industrial customers and commercial customers with its products and services. More than 15,000 satisfied customers worldwide speak for maxxcount.de's consistently high-quality customer service.

Our new online portal

Currently, there is an immense range of vehicle-specific infotainment solutions on the market, which make it almost impossible to find the desired car infotainment component, which is especially suitable for the own vehicle, without any time-consuming searches in onlineshops.

With its new online portal, maxxcount.de has succeeded in creating an outstanding virtual tool that allows every customer and sales partner to answer the question in a very short time, independently of the particular specialist knowledge: „Which solutions are suitable for my vehicle?" To provide this performance, we have equipped our new portal with unique features, with user-friendliness at the forefront. We have had an established and particularly powerful software system for the new portal modified according to our requirements and synchronized it with the maxxcount. de knowledge database. The result of this symbiosis is the maxxcount.de-PRODUKTFINDER, which enables our customers to select the components that are exactly suitable for their vehicle from our product worlds of the maxxcount. de portal with just four mouse clicks.

Our Strengths

Our trademark is our competence in adaptation solutions, a strength that is based on many years of experience and the resulting excellent product and market knowledge. A further strength is our high level of innovation, which enables us to identify new customer requirements at an early stage and to serve them with ever new, fascinating products at attractive conditions.

A team of highly motivated employees is at our customers' disposal for questions and orders by telephone, fax and internet. The company's policy of 'short distances' applies: Qualified service and competent problem solving are the yardstick by which maxxcount. de employees measure themselves day after day. "Ordered today, shipped today" is not only a slogan at maxxcount.de, it#s reality. All paid orders, which reach us by 12.00 noon, will be handed over to our logistics partners on the same day if goods are available.

Our Future

With clever product innovations and outstanding product expertise, we have made a name for ourselves internationally as a reliable partner for professional InCar Entertainment systems. We want to expand this position, expand our sales cooperations and establish new partnerships. Dieses Ziel wollen wir durch noch mehr Kunden- und Serviceorientierung erreichen. We want to achieve this goal by increasing our customer and service orientation. We will be even more flexible and respond even faster to the wishes of our customers and partners, and we will also fulfil them.

No matter how the modern multimedia systems in the vehicle evolve, we will be there! And just as our customers have been able to benefit from our experience and expertise so far, they will be able to rely on the strengths of maxxcount. de in the future as well.