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NEW: Phoenix Gold Amplifiers - SX2 Series

The redesigned SX Series amplifiers set a new performance standard with their nostalgic design, creating the perfect balance between performance and efficiency. Each SX2 amplifier provides dynamic reserves for critical impedances. This gives him the special ability to provide more power for short load peaks, so that he can reproduce dynamics leaps in classical music at any time with confidence.

  • Redesigned SX series with improved performance
  • Full Range Class-D topology
  • Master/Slave strappable for huge power*
  • Linked mode for multi-amp setups*
  • OTM - On-Board Thermal Management
  • Bass Shift® - Remote bass and phase controller (not SX2400.2)
  • Switchable balanced or unbalanced inputs
  • Double tier power supplies for solid 4-, 2- and 1 Ohm stability
  • 12dB High/low pass crossover with aluminum shaft precision potentiometers for exact frequency selection
  • Auto-turn on circuit
  • Tri-light LED amplifier status indicators
  • Advanced protection circuits
  • All connections & controls are located on the front panel

* Only SX21200.1 / SX2600.1

Phoenix Gold Amplifiers - Compare SX2 Series

  SX21200.6 SX2800.4 SX2400.2 SX21200.1 SX2600.1
Channels 6 4 2 1 1
RMS Power

CH5-6: 2x 250W
4x 200W / 1x 500W
6x 150W / 2x 300W

4x 200W
4x 150W / 2x 400W

2x 200W
2x 100W / 1x 400W

1x 1200W
1x 900W
1x 600W
1x 600W
1x 450W
1x 300W
Topology Class-D Class-D Class-D Class-D Class-D
Efficiency 88% 88% 88% 85% 85%
Bass Boost 0 bis +6dB - - 0 bis +6dB 0 bis +6dB
Signal to Noise Ratio 85,9dB 81,4dB 76,5dB 86,3dB 81,4dB
Damping Factor > 200 > 200 > 250 > 200 > 200
Bass SHIFT® -
Linked/Strapped Mode - - -
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