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GPS Moto tracking system + SIM card for motorbike / boat (Position: SMS/online/App, GeoFence)

199,00 €
Incl. 19% VAT.
  • Request position via SMS (Google link and longitude/latitude)
  • Display of position and route recording via app or Internet (free online platform)
  • Includes SIM card for 24 months
  • No registration with personal data required
  • Motion alarm: vehicle moves without activated ignition (towing) - via SMS/platform
  • Sensor alarm: blows or jolts at standstill - via SMS/platform
  • Geofence: You can define an area in which your vehicle is allowed to drive
  • IP Code: IPX5
  • Control of an external output for switching / interrupting electrical accessories
  • Extra large internal battery buffers the system for up to 2 weeks
  • Alarm message if the operating voltage is missing
  • Simple configuration via SMS
  • Quick installation, as everything is integrated in one small device
  • Low standby current consumption of 2-4 mA to protect the motorcycle battery during long standstills
  • System switches to internal battery when battery charge is low and disconnects power supply from motorcycle
Delivery Time 6 - 9 Days*
Delivery Cost 6,49 € in Dtl.

Versandkosten: 4,99 €

GPS Moto tracking system + SIM card for motorbike / boat (Position: SMS/online/App, GeoFence)

The compact and splash-proof GPS positioning system is suitable for installation in motorcycles, scooters or boats. The system offers you a variety of applications even in the basic configuration with a connection of only 3 cables.

Position request

The position is determined by SMS query as link or coordinates. You can also configure the GPS tracker so that position determination and tracking via the Internet is possible. The tracker is permanently connected to the Internet and sends the position data to the server. The data packets are very small in order to avoid unnecessary costs and data volumes. With normal use approx. 6-10 MB are transferred per month. You can decide at any time whether to communicate only by SMS or additionally by data transfer. The data transfer can be switched on/off by SMS.

Data transmission

The system works with a contract or pre-paid card (topping up credit). The GPS tracking comes with the SIM activated and is ready for use immediately. The SIM card is active for 24 months and then automatically switches to standby mode. A cancellation is not necessary. You can extend the card for another 12 months at any time for 30 EUR. There are no additional costs for using the platform on the Internet and its use is not limited in time. GPS positioning for your motorcycle can also be operated on a platform of your choice.

Alarm notification

In case of manipulation, the device sends the cause and a position link as SMS to up to 3 telephone numbers. In addition, the information is sent to the online platform.


The system offers the function of setting up a virtual fence. If the vehicle leaves or enters this area, you will receive an alarm message. The area is a circle around a predetermined position. The size of the circle is adjustab

Weitere Informationen
Technical data
  • GSM: 850/ 900/ 1800/ 1900 MHz
  • GPRS: Class12, TCP/ IP internal GSM module
  • GSM Antenne: internal Quad -Band 
  • GPS Antenna: internal GPS
  • GPS channels: 66
  • Tracking sensitivity: -165dBm
  • Acquisition sensitivity: -148dBm
  • Working temperature: -20℃ bis +70℃
  • Battery: 3.7vDC/270mAh
  • Position accuracy: 5 meters
  • Operating voltage: 7-18 volts
  • LED display: GPS, GSM, voltage
  • Dimensions: 80 (L)× 43 (B)× 13 (H)mm
  • Weight: 49 g
Scope of delivery
  • GPS tracker with integrated battery
  • cableset
  • relay for switching on / interrupting electrical consumers
  • SIM card
Brand maxxcount
Product Type GPS positioning system
EAN 4047442089251
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