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Nordväl HC104 Triple Spin mop robot with 3 mop pads, 7 programs + remote control

449,00 €
Incl. 19% VAT.
  • Wiping robot with 2 mop attachments (coarse / microfibre)
  • Extremely effective cleaning thanks to triple spin technology
  • 7 different cleaning programs
  • Suitable for floors such as hardwood, parquet, stone, tile, marble, laminate, PVC etc.
  • Also removes hair and fur
  • Incl. remote control
  • 11 intelligent obstacle sensors & cliff sensors
  • Extra quiet in operation (43dB)
Delivery Time 1 - 4 Days*
Delivery Cost in Dtl.

Versandkosten: 4,99 €

Nordväl HC104 Triple Spin mop robot with 3 mop pads, 7 programs + remote control

Mopping takes time and is a dirty job. Put the rags aside and meet the Nordväl HC101 floor mop robot.

  • Powerful, thorough and stylish cleaning

    The Nordväl HC104 has no wheels! The robot wipes and drives at the same time. With 3 rotating mopping pads, it cleans the floor with a pressure of 2 kg, which is caused by its own weight. The rapidly rotating mopping pads are constantly in motion and protrude slightly over the edges, so that every edge and corner is thoroughly cleaned.

  • Intelligent and quiet cleaning

    Fill the water tank, turn on the power and let the mopping robot do its job with a simple push of a button on the remote control. Thanks to 11 intelligent sensors, the Nordväl HC104 Triple Spin ensures a clean floor without you having to mop or being disturbed by noise. Thanks to the different programs and the triple spin technology, even stubborn stains are easily removed.

  • Triple Spin Rotating Mopping Pads

    Three powerful and quiet motors operate the built-in triple-spin mopping pads, allowing the Nordväl HC104 to effortlessly remove dirt and stains from various floor types, including hardwood, parquet, stone, tile, marble, laminate and PVC flooring, etc. In addition, the Nordväl HC104 robotic mop effortlessly picks up dust and dirt.

  • water tanks

    The intelligent and adjustable water supply system keeps the mopping pads wet during use.

    This ensures that the most stubborn stains are removed for optimal cleaning. Since the mop pads protrude from the housing, they can also be cleaned in the most difficult corners.

  • obstacle detection sensor

    No fewer than 11 built-in sensors continuously scan the environment, allowing the Nordväl HC104 to easily avoid obstacles such as walls and furniture. This allows it to effortlessly move around the room to clean as efficiently as possible.

  • cliff sensors

    The built-in cliff sensors prevent the robot from crossing thresholds. This means that you can have the Nordväl HC104 Triple Spin cleaned anywhere in the house without worry.

  • Practical charging station and carrying handle

    There is a handle on each side of the robot mop, which makes it practical and easy to lift the device. The charging station is designed for space-saving, hygienic and stylish storage.

Technical specifications

  • Power supply: AC100-240V, 50/60Hz
  • Noise level: 43dB
  • Driving speed: 20cm/sec
  • Energy consumption: 27Wh
  • Weight: 2.05kg
  • Battery: Li-ion 11.1VDC, 2150mA
  • Battery life: 120min (with wet wipes) | 200min (with dry wipes)
  • Charging time: 160-180min

remote control

  • Size: 150*50*21mm
  • Signal transmission distance: Max. 5m
  • Weight: 45g
  • Battery: 2x AAA
Weitere Informationen
Dimensions 325 x 306 x 99 mm
Scope of delivery

Coarse cleaning mop head (grey color)
Microfiber Mop Head (Green Color)
remote control
power adapter
charging cradle

Brand Nordväl
Product Type Cleaning robot
Color white
Input power 220 / 240V
EAN 8720256145677
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