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Nordväl PMPC02 Parking mode connection cable set for DC101, DC102 & DC103 (selectable voltage level)

35,00 €
Incl. 19% VAT.
  • Powers Nordväl DC101, DC102 & DC103 in parking mode
  • Prevents vehicle battery undervoltage
  • Choose your desired voltage level
  • For 12/24V vehicles
  • Cable length: 3.5m
Delivery Time 1 - 4 Days*
Delivery Cost 1.95 € in Dtl.

Nordväl PMPC02 Parking mode connection cable set for DC101, DC102 & DC103 (selectable voltage level)

Keep recording from the parking position and prevent your car battery from draining. The Power Kit PMPC02 regulates the battery voltage and is suitable for both 12 and 24 volts.

All features at a glance

  • Recording in parking mode

    Thanks to this Nordväl PMPC02 power kit, you can continue recording in parking mode without the risk of a dead battery. The desired cut-off voltage can be set easily.

    In the recording parking mode, you can choose from various recording options such as impact detection, motion detection and time-lapse recording.

  • functionality

    The dash cam records continuously or starts, for example, when motion or an impact is detected.

    As soon as the vehicle is switched off and the Nordväl dash cam is recording in parking mode, the Power Kit PMPC02 checks the voltage level of the car battery.

    When the voltage level falls below the set level, the PMPC02 will automatically cut off the power supply to prevent dead car battery.

    You simply connect the kit to the vehicle's fuse box. Then select the desired cut-off voltage. This power supply kit is suitable for both 12 volts and 24 volts.

  • Power Off Options:

    For 12 volt batteries

    The protection voltages are 11.6V/11.8V/12.0V/12.2V. Recommended for most users under general driving conditions: 11.8V

    For 24 volt batteries:

    The protective voltages are 23.2V/23.6V/24.0V/24.4V. Recommended for most users under general driving conditions: 23.6V

    The hardwire kit automatically recognizes the type of lead-acid battery (12 V or 24 V) and protects your battery from discharging. The PMPC02 automatically detects the voltage level of the battery.

Weitere Informationen
Brand Nordväl
Product Type Connection cable
Functions Adaptation
Integration Device-specific
Color black
Connection A micro-USB Typ B plug
Connection B open end
Cable length 3,5 m
EAN 8720256145707
Operating voltage 12V
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Compatible with:

Nordväl DC101, DC102 & DC103

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