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Phoenix Gold ZLOC4.4 active High-Low Converter 4-CH

99,99 €
Incl. 19% VAT.
  • Speaker Input: 4CH | Outputs: 4CH
  • REM In: Yes | REM Out: Yes
  • Operating Voltage 8-32V
  • Ultra compact Aluminium Chassis
  • Bass Level -9 to +9dB
  • Signal to Noise >100dB @6.4V output
  • THD+N: <0.01%
  • Gain: -28 to 0dB
Delivery Time 1 - 4 Days*
Delivery Cost 6,49 € in Dtl.

Versandkosten: 4,99 €

Phoenix Gold ZLOC4.4 active High-Low Converter 4-CH

The ZLOC4.4 is the essential solution for enhancing your vehicle’s audio system. While many vehicles now come with integrated amplifiers, the original OEM system often falls short in terms of performance. Replacing the entire audio system can be costly and sometimes not feasible. That’s where our ZLOC converters step in. Not only do they reduce distortion, but they also allow for seamless integration of aftermarket audio components into your OEM system. Gone are the days of being unable to upgrade your head unit – our ZLOC converters cleverly bypass OEM resistance, all while eliminating unwanted system noise. Upgrade your audio experience today with our advanced OEM integration solution.

The ZLOC4.4 has four high-level inputs that take the speaker signal from the OEM head unit or amplifier and convert it to four low-level outputs. This allows you to add external amplifiers to install an aftermarket subwoofer, add more power or more speakers.

The ZLOC4.4 is equipped with a built-in CLIP indicator that flashes when it senses distortion on the input or output signal. This lets you easily see when the input signal distorts and lets you adjust the output signal without any clipping for a distortion-free signal all the way.

Weitere Informationen
Technical data

Load Select 10-Ohm / 60-Ohm / 20K-Ohm
Ground Isolation GND/ISO/200-Ohm
Center Frequency 20Hz-110Hz
Input Sensitivity 0.5 to 32V
Output Voltage Max. 7.5V @ 14.4V
Max 40V as Input Must be 20K-ohm load
Input Impedance 10-Ohm / 60-Ohm / 20K-Ohm
Frequency Response 10-30kHz
Output Impedance < 120-ohm
Max Current Draw 120 – 150 mA
Turn-On Trigger DC 3 to 7V
Terminal Gauge Quick Connect / 16# AWG

Dimensions 150,6 x 82 x 24,8 mm
Brand Phoenix Gold
Product Type High-Low Adapter
Product series Phoenix Gold ZD Series
Color black
EAN 5056171546620
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